Photography may take place in studios,
outdoor locations, or specific event
venues, depending on the intended
result and artistic vision.


To create captivating and interesting videos, videographers pay close attention to
camera work, composition, lighting,
and sound quality.


Shooting is a term commonly used in
photography and videography to refer
to the act of capturing images or
footage using a camera.

Capturing the moments that captivate your heart

In the Urulikanchan region, Aasif Photography has become a highly esteemed brand, owing to its persistent commitment to preserving life's most exquisite moments. With just a Nikon D40 and an idea, Shalimar Photo Studio was founded in 2016, marking the beginning of our tale. Our steady progress toward excellence throughout the years culminated in the acquisition of the Nikon D740 in 2018, which was a momentous occasion. We were proud of this technological advancement since it allowed us to rebrand as Aasif Photography.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share the beauty of the world that we see via our cameras with as many people as possible. Our goal is to produce breathtaking and moving images that inspire people, tell tales, and arouse feelings in others.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a lively online community where photographers can interact, exchange work, and work together while simultaneously supporting important environmental and social concerns.

Studio Cameras in Focus

1) Z7 II
2) Z6 II
3) D750
4) D90
5) DJI (Air S2) Drone

Our Services

We offer a variety of photo shoots, including engagement, pre-wedding, wedding, maternity, new-born baby, baby, event, product, corporate, model, special festival, and short film. Our specialties are pre-wedding, wedding, baby and new-born baby shoots.

Pre-Wedding Shoot


Wedding Shoot


Baby Shoot


Event Shoot




Studio Shoot


Our latest works

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Our Workshop

We have a fantastic opportunity to share information and motivate the upcoming generation of photographers by holding a workshop in our studio where over 100+ students receive instruction. We're dedicated to giving every student a dynamic learning atmosphere and practical experience so they can advance their knowledge and express their creativity. With a committed team and advanced technology, we're prepared to equip budding photographers with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the photography industry.

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